Welcome to A Chic Effect!

If you’re like me, you love to travel and find fashion inspiration in your daily experiences and from the people around you. I love to put together outfits that showcase my personality, express my mood and, most of all, exude confidence.

When I joined the corporate world as an associate at a law firm, I figured my days of creating awe-inspiring looks were numbered. Becoming a lawyer, though one of my biggest achievements, seemed to come with a limited style spectrum. As a woman who views every day as a good day to dress up, I was not thrilled about having to fit into an “office appropriate” box.

My lack of enthusiasm about being confined to this conventional box probably has something to do with the fact that I am the second oldest of eight kids in an adventurous family.  We were homeschooled and encouraged to pursue our individual interests and accepted for our differences.  I embraced expressing myself in many ways, including always insisting on dressing myself (I wore all black everything before it was cool).  My mother taught me to always do what I love, be bold, and stay true to myself, even when that meant driving an impractical Ford pickup truck with an exhaust loud enough to set off car alarms.

So true to my rebel spirit and born again optimism, I began developing my own workplace style rather than conforming to a strict corporate dress code.  I found that it’s still possible to feel sexy and express my personal style while also meeting clients, closing deals, and maintaining professional respect.

A Chic Effect follows my style journey as I continue to explore, challenge and redefine norms for professional women one “chic-fit” at a time. I love looking for inspiration in the most unexpected places, and I hope my style helps you create your own stunning looks that fully express your personality both inside and outside of the office.

Dream Big. Stay Chic. Be Unrealistic.

-Lisa Dawn