For this day to night transition, I was searching for pieces that are thin enough to wear under a work skirt. I hoped to find a dress made of material that stays in place and doesn’t wrinkle when worn tucked in.

The trick is finding a dress that can be mistaken as a regular cami. This type of dress is the perfect transition piece, which will effortlessly switch from work to any after-hours function!

I found my perfect transition dress while browsing the fringes of my closet. Sometimes I like to go shopping in my own closet because I never know what I’ll find! On a recent session, I found this all but forgotten dress. Don’t laugh, but I have had this dress for about 4 years now. It was $20 at Target, so I purchased two – one in this cute black and gray stripe and one in pale gray. I’ve worn it for everything from beach vacations, as a cover up with sandals, to nights out on the town, dressed up with heels and jewelry. Much to my surprise, it met all of my requirements for the perfect day-to-night transition piece!

The black H&M blazer, a staple in my work wardrobe, also works well as a transition piece and compliments my “bargain” dress very well. I love how the dress’ black stripes catch the eye under the black blazer. Most importantly, the blazer is casual enough to wear after-hours yet still office appropriate.

I paired the black blazer with a charcoal gray skirt from Express (also around 4 years old). The gray skirt provides the perfect amount of character for a work appropriate look and can be paired with any color to match the current season.

After work, it’s simple to ditch the skirt, throw on some bolder jewelry stashed in your work tote, and hit the town for date night! I’m all for quick changes during the week when I have a dinner date after work, and I despise looking like I just came from the office when I walk into a restaurant.

With that in mind, I try to plan ahead, which makes things so much easier for me because I’m not scrambling for an outfit while attempting to make a dinner reservation on time!

You may have noticed that I’ve been on a gold kick lately with my jewelry, which is not going anywhere! However, I thought I would start easing some silver tones into my collection and started with some gunmetal pieces. This necklace from H&M is really fun with its slinky-like feel. I am also loving this beaded cuff from Kuhl-Linscomb, a local home décor and jewelry store. From far away, it looks like it’s just a gunmetal shade, but you can see flecks of other colors like purples, pinks, and blues when you view it closely.

If you really want to lose the office appropriate feeling that usually accompanies any work look, you can simply throw on a pair of beautiful and bold shoes! I love how I feel in these suede purple Christian Louboutin pumps. These shoes scream, “I’m off the clock and ready to enjoy life outside the office!” They immediately become the primary focus of this transition look and provide the necessary sexiness for date night.

I would love to hear about your quick transitions. What piece do you add to your look to drop that office appropriate feeling and let others know you’re ready to play?!

Stay Chic,

Lisa Dawn



  1. Tiye

    Love this “hidden” dress idea!

  2. Laurie

    Love this hidden dress idea! It’s a perfect transition from the office to an evening out!!!! 🙂 My go to transition is to change my shoes but I like this complete idea a lot better!