Every few months I find myself searching for new shoes that are innovative and imaginative. One of these quests led me to purchase my first pair of red high heels. I was so excited; I was being different and stepping outside of my comfort zone. No more plain shoes for me! However, that particular quest was a huge mistake, and I should have stayed in my zone, instead of buying those shoes. They looked good on the shoe model, but they made my feet look like big boats. Eight years since that first red shoe purchase, I decided to take the plunge again. My latest creative search led me to these shoes by an up and coming shoe designer named Aminah Abdul Jillil.

Normally, a shoe with a huge bow on the side would seem like a horrible idea. Aminah found a way to make the bows look elegant and creative, instead of an adornment crafted for a little girl’s hair. I’ve never been asked so many questions about any other shoes that I own!

I’m guilty of gravitating towards certain styles that I know flatter me, which leads to a monotonous closet. Even though it’s easy to stick to what you know, it’s important to take inventory from time to time, which I did recently. I quickly discovered that many of my dress silhouettes were too much alike. Instead of being discouraged, I started searching for something different and found this white dress on an impromptu shopping excursion to Chloe Dao for some retail therapy after a long day at the office.

As a little girl, I was obsessed with petticoats. I think my obsession was intensified when I became an avid historical fiction reader and American Girl doll lover.   My grandmother made all of my church dresses, and I begged my mom for a petticoat to wear with them. My mom had more important things to worry about, so I never got that petticoat…until now. Granted, the petticoat under this dress is understated compared to the ones I wished for as a little girl, but I love this style. It reminds me of a modern take on Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress in The Seven Year Itch. Can’t go wrong there! This dress and shoes will not be stored away in my closet…unlike that first pair of unfortunate red shoes.

Love always,

Lisa Dawn



  1. Tatiana

    Stunning shoes! Love the playful skirt of the dress!

  2. Sharon Fehrle

    Stunning! Love, love the petticoat idea with that cute and sassy dress. The shoes are absolutely amazing. Winner combo!

  3. Elisabeth

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! You look fabulous! Keep those posts coming! All of you always had such great style and I see you haven’t lost that 🙂

  4. Deborah

    Love these shoes, sassy but classic!