I love denim. I always have, and I always will. My favorite day at work is jeans day on Friday – I live for it! I used to fall asleep in my jeans as a kid. I’ve always been the most comfortable in jeans, so when I found this jumpsuit on Fashion Nova’s website, it just made total sense.

I was honestly a little nervous about a full body denim outfit. I wasn’t sure how it would look, but I was so pleasantly surprised when I tried it on. It fits like a glove. I’ve also danced my butt off in this jumpsuit, so I can vouch for the flexibility. lol

I really am a fan of the zip front. You can zip it all the way to the top for a more subdued, conservative look, or you can just go all out and unzip it to your comfort level!

Since the length is slightly cropped, I paired it with my new pair of Stuart Weitzman white heeled sandals that I purchased in London.

I was shopping in Harrod’s for the first time ever on my very first trip to London in February, and I fell in love with these shoes. I was initially ambivalent about the price (just over 600 pounds), so I left without them after preening in front of the mirror for a good 30 minutes much to my friend’s chagrin.

I decided to go to Selfridges and see if I found something there that I liked better, but I found nothing that moved me quite as much as these shoes. My super supportive friend, who is a guy might I add, was like, “You love them, so go back and get them!” I couldn’t argue with the logic, so we hopped in a black cab and sprinted over with barely any time to spare (store was closing within 30 minutes).

I haven’t regretted this purchase once, and I love them for the season. The white was only available in London and can’t be found online, but I’ve linked the same style in a different color!

Oh, and by the way, you will be seeing a lot more Fashion Nova fits from me because of the price point – Y’all know I’m hella cheap. Just call me a #NovaBabe!

Love always,
Lisa Dawn