Happy Monday! I wish vacation wasn’t over, but I’m so happy to be back to blogging and can’t wait to share the upcoming Australia posts with you!

The 18 hours of flying was not especially fun; but as soon as I glimpsed Australia, I knew it was well worth the sore neck (that’s what massages are for). We flew into Melbourne and immediately hopped on a Virgin Australia flight to Sydney. We were scheduled to spend the first couple of days at MacMasters Beach, so we rented a couple of cars to transport our group the few hours from the Sydney airport.

Oh. My. God. So they drive on the opposite side of the car and the road in Australia, which was terrifying for me, even though I was just a passenger. Neither of our drivers had ever driven like that before, but I have to give them props for getting us all to the beach house in one piece! I’m just thankful that I didn’t have to drive.

While at MacMasters, I decided to take full advantage of the secluded beach and enjoy it thoroughly, so I only took a couple of pictures out there. Check them out on Instagram!

After relaxing on the beach for a couple of days, we headed back to Sydney. It was the perfect next destination on the trip because it’s right on the water. I really love cities surrounded by water, and I think it’s absolutely beautiful to have spectacular urban skylines with water in the background.

We stayed at the Star Hotel and Casino; and as soon as we checked in, Will and I hit the streets to do some exploring and shooting for the blog. The weather was so nice because it’s the beginning of their summertime. Highs in the 70’s is my kind of weather!

I decided to wear my faux leather pleated midi skirt and this lightweight sheer blouse for our excursion. Even though I love pencil skirts, I wanted to try something a little bit different. The leather is edgy, but the flared midi silhouette is so feminine. You guys know that’s my favorite combo.

Normally, I would have worn this skirt with a fitted top tucked in (or more recently with a cropped top), but I thought this flowing top would be a nice change of pace. After all, new cities call for trying out new things, and I like the way this outfit turned out! Wearing loose-fitting clothing is definitely in vogue this fall, so I’m glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone and gave it a try.

I’ve been adding more cuffs to my collection lately, and this Lydell NYC gold cuff is a favorite of mine right now! It’s simple yet eye-catching, and the $35 price tag makes it a guilt-free purchase (and with Christmas around the corner, the perfect gift). The two golden seashells are crafted to fit around your wrist comfortably. This piece was a great travel accessory, and I’m so glad I brought it with me. It was in constant rotation!

The area around the casino was constantly bustling. Plus, we arrived the night of the Australian music awards, which were at the Star. With all of the commotion going on with the awards, it was so nice to escape to the areas surrounding the Star. It was kind of strange, but once you walked a couple of blocks over, everything was calm and peaceful. I loved the mix of streets with small, old world buildings just blocks over from areas full of commercial skyscrapers. The contrast was breathtaking with the water as a backdrop!

We found this cute little coffee shop and bakery and stopped for a snack before heading down to the pier. Banana bread is my favorite, and apparently, very popular in Australia as well! I ate way too much…of everything but more on that later.

Until next time, stay chic

Lisa Dawn



  1. Taylor

    It’s nice to see that clothes don’t have to be tight to be sexy. Love the detail on the top. Great look!

  2. Johannah Roberson

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more 🙂