I’m so excited to introduce Elaine Turner’s latest fabulous tote creation, the Sabine raffia tote! It’s such a fun piece for transitioning into the spring and summer months, and I’m so happy to add it to my collection of ET pieces. This isn’t your ordinary raffia bag. The Sabine features sturdy leather straps and custom woven colors. The bold blue and yellow stripes are such a nice touch that sets this tote apart. It’s absolutely perfect for the upcoming getaway season. If you have a trip planned for spring break or summer vacation, you need to take the Sabine with you! It’s a great size for packing your beach towel, sandals, sunscreen, snacks and water if you’re headed to the pool or the beach.

I’m headed to Austin next weekend for SXSW Music and Film Festival, and the Sabine is going there with me. I’m going to be able to pack a couple of changes of clothes, my toiletries and shoes quite comfortably.  Once I unpack everything at the hotel, I’m going to carry the tote around with me during the day as I head from one venue to the next.  I can pack a light jacket, refreshments and my camera. I also love that the bag is lightweight, so I can make it as heavy or as light as I want based on what I decide to carry in it.  The raffia material is breathable as well, so I don’t have to worry about cosmetics, toiletries or snacks overheating!

Be sure to get your Sabine tote at your local Elaine Turner location or online for 20% off with code “ACHICEFFECT20” (code valid for one week starting March 5th)‼

Even though it’s deathly cold today, I’m ringing in the springtime with these Liberty Floral J.Crew jeans from a couple of seasons ago.  These jeans pair perfectly with the Sabine, and the beautiful floral pattern compliments the blue and yellow stripes of the tote so well.

I wanted to keep things simple on the top half of the outfit because of the colors and patterns dominating the bottom half, so I wore a lightweight puffer jacket and a J.Crew graphic tee. I absolutely love J.Crew t-shirts, and it’s hard to diversify my t-shirt collection when J.Crew has so many great ones to choose from!

For my footwear, I wore these amazing orange drivers. These shoes are my first pair of driver-style flats, and I’m really pleased with them. I used to think drivers were for older people, but you can have so much fun with them, especially if you get a bold color like capucine! I’m so glad I tried something new because these are my go-to flats now.

Hope you’re as in love with this outfit as I am! Don’t forget to use the 20% off code “ACHICEFFECT20” for your very own Sabine! Be sure to watch the video below to see what’s in Elaine Turner’s Sabine!

Stay chic,

Lisa Dawn