Happy Sunday! I’m not ready for the weekend to be over AT ALL. I just want to stay in bed tomorrow. It’s been a long weekend with work and social activities, and as an introvert, I’m really drained.

About this dress though…I’m really ashamed to admit that it stayed on its hanger in the closet for almost two years before I wore it. I still haven’t officially worn it anywhere – just for this photoshoot.

That’s not a knock on the dress though; I have just been saving it for a special occasion and haven’t felt that occasion has materialized yet. lol

I bought it on a trip to NYC almost exactly two years ago. I stopped in the BCBG store with my friend, and we tried on soon many clothes. This dress was my absolute favorite – so much so that I decided it was worth paying full price. Y’all know that hurts my soul, and I hate buying something if it’s not on sale (unless it’s an item that never goes on sale).

I’ve envisioned pairing it with these over the knee boots, and I love the way these pieces look together!

The dress actually has tan threads running through the bodycon fabric, and compliments the tan boots and Birkin bag perfectly.

I’m actually going to wear this out somewhere this year. Forget the special occasion! I’ll make my own. 🙂

Don’t be like me and let something sit in your closet with the tag on for two years. If you love it, WEAR IT!

I hope you have a fantastic week!

Love always,
Lisa Dawn