Hellooooo, my loves! I realize I always say this, but it’s been so long! 🙂 I feel like so much has happened since my last post, and it’s hard to even know where to begin.

Let’s start with this beautiful dress that I photographed on my trip to Miami for my 33rd birthday. I fell in love with the ruffles when I found it online. I wondered if it would be overload or too busy/distracting, but I think it’s the perfect amount with the ruffles adding great movement and shape. It’s sold out in red, but I’ve linked the exact dress in two gorgeous colors for the summer.

Before this trip, I hadn’t been to Miami in over 10 years. On top of that, I’d never really had a true Miami experience complete with a hip hotels, restaurants and clubs, so I asked my sisters and good friends to come with.  I seriously didn’t expect everyone to come through for me in such a huge way and show up – it wasn’t a momentous birthday – so I was overcome with emotion and happiness that my loved ones were there to celebrate with me.

I seriously rushed this photoshoot so I could get to the partying and, most importantly, the eating! My absolute favorite restaurant while I was there was Prime Fish. High recommend it if you’re there!

After the trip to Miami, I was off to a conference for work in Ohio for the weekend; and the week after I arrived home, my mentor and friend announced her departure to another law firm, asking me to go with her. I had no intention of leaving my current firm – I thought I would stay there and eventually make partner. That was the plan, and change isn’t usually my best friend or something I welcome.

The following two weeks were a time of reflection and decision-making (and lots of tears and stress, if I’m honest). It was difficult to leave the job where I’d spent the past 6 years since graduating from law school. A LOT of growth happened during that time. I think I grew up so much during my tenure – my confidence, my skills as a lawyer, and my relationship building abilities, just to name a few. I also made some of my very best friends in the world – the lifelong kind.

Even though it was a very difficult decision, I followed my gut, which is something I’m learning to trust after taking a tumble or fifty. I’m incredibly excited for this new chapter in my career where I’ll be working with my friends and mentors – people I truly respect, admire and look up to. I really can’t ask for more than that. It makes the long hours and late nights worth it.

I just started a few weeks ago, but before I took the plunge, I was encouraged to take time off. Best decision EVER! I traveled for 3 weeks, which is something that I’ve never been able to do. I live to travel, and those trips were just what I needed in life – fresh start, new perspective, invigorating experiences.

If you want to see pictures from all of the places I visited, check out my Instagram account (@achiceffect)! I’ve been wistfully looking back on all of the pictures to re-live it all again and again.

All in all, I’m very pleased with my decisions to make a move (albeit a very terrifying one as someone who likes certainty) and to take time off in between jobs. I haven’t second guessed myself once, which is highly unusual for my personality type, but that’s come as a very pleasant surprise. 🙂

On that note, I hope you have a fantastic week!

Dream bigger,

Lisa Dawn