After a really gloomy week in Houston, I hit the road to Austin last weekend to see my sister and catch some SXSW action. The quick trip was just what I needed to brighten my mood! Even running into some SXSW traffic on the drive up there didn’t put a damper on my spirits. I was so happy to see the sun again after all the rain and cold we’d been experiencing for weeks in Houston.

I knew I would be outside for most of the day, and I wasn’t sure if the nice weather would hold up. With that in mind, I chose to wear my new black maxi with thigh high slits on both sides with a blue jean jacket and Converse tennis shoes. I was comfortable all day. If I was too warm, I could easily take the jacket off and tie it around my waist! The maxi dress is my new favorite because it’s sexy and casual. It’s worn easily with sandals or tennis shoes, but if I wanted to go out at night, I could throw on some strappy heels and be good to go!

I’m glad we went up during the first week of SXSW because it wasn’t too insane. Believe it or not, I never attended the festival while I was in law school because I always left to travel or see my family for spring break. I’m a huge fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones, so that exhibit was the huge attraction for me. Other than that, I just had fun being there, roaming around downtown and people watching.

We wanted to escape the downtown area on Saturday night, so we drove to South Austin to try a new pizza spot and bakery that was recommended by a friend. Full disclosure, this review will be slightly biased because I judge every pizza place against Pizaro’s in Houston, which has the best Neapolitan style pizza in the world. That being said, St. Phillips was just ok. They do not have a traditional wood fire oven, so the crust wasn’t quite right – definitely not crispy enough. Even though the pizza was not mind blowing, the wine, mac and cheese, and baked goods were really delicious. I tried a peanut butter crisp bar and a lemon bar with an oatmeal crust. Both of those were tasty, and Will said the brownie was amazing as well.

To end the weekend, we went to the Capitol to shoot a look that I’m really excited about (look for it soon). After the shoot, we stopped for a quick meal at In-N-Out Burger and then headed back my sister’s place to pack up for the drive home. Joey and her good friend Robert from that other school in College Station had just returned from attending the NO H8 campaign’s photo shoot at the Domain, and they suggested that I go participate as well. It was a spur of the moment decision because we literally had 15 minutes to make it to the Domain before they were finished shooting for the day. My sister drove like a crazy (I mean – completely safe) person to get me there in time, and I’m so glad she and Robert convinced me to attend. I’m a huge proponent of gay rights – and “people” rights in general. I think every person deserves fair, equal treatment, and the NO H8 message is so simple yet powerful. It’s not my place to judge anyone or hate anyone. It’s doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation, color, ethnicity or religion is. Everyone deserves to be loved. NO H8! Period.

Have a good week, and be sure to stay chic!



Lisa Dawn



  1. Joey Roberson

    AAHHHH!!! Love this post and so glad we got you there in time. NO H8!!! Just love, you look purtiful

  2. Mag

    What a fun trip!