Happy Black Friday! I’m up late filling my shopping carts for clothing and home goods. It’s a really enjoyable (albeit expensive) way to spend a food coma after stuffing my face all day with Thanksgiving feast goodness. 🙂

This beautiful ruffled duster is on sale and comes in two colors – the mustard pictured here and a beautiful emerald green as well. I personally love mustard and was immediately drawn to this piece. It can also be worn as a dress, which is a huge plus since I love a piece that can pull double duty.

As it actually starts to get cooler here in Houston, this duster is perfect with the long sleeves, but the fabric is breezy and light weight for the mild fall and winter weather that’s occurring most of the time.

I absolutely refuse to give up my ripped jeans this winter. I love a good pair, and lately my closet has just seemed to magically accumulate more and more of them. I’m starting to have TOO many ripped jeans, which means I have fewer options to wear to work. Tehehe SN: Currently obsessed with my office’s dress code – feel free to wear jeans on days other than Friday, as long as you don’t have a client meeting. Yeeeeees!!!!

This particular pair of jeans are Joe’s Jeans, which I discovered last year, and have been impressed with. They fit like a glove, and if you can catch them on sale (as I did and linked here), they’re a pretty good deal too.

I wish I could tell you these shoes are still available, but they’re not. Such a solid pair of Louboutins that I purchased 6 years ago! They’re a beautiful shade of purple, and I really love how they pop with the mustard duster. I practically teeter around on them because they’re so high, but I break them out of the box every now and then to set off my outfit.

I have quite a bit more shopping to do before I pass out, so it’s time to say goodbye, but I hope you’ve enjoyed this look.

Also, I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!


Lisa Dawn