Hello there! I hope your week has been amazing! I’m off to Scottsdale, Arizona tomorrow for my birthday weekend. I’m turning 32 and tried to convince my boss that it’s a big deal, because every birthday is a milestone! He didn’t buy it, but he’ll survive without me on Monday anyways. 🙂

I absolutely loooove this dress. I know I’ve said how much I’m obsessed with Black Halo sheath dresses, but it’s worth saying again. They’re just so figure flattering. I love the neckline and front slit, and the slightly fluttered sleeves are a nice touch.


I found this dress on sale (of course) – you know I’m averse to paying full price for mostly everything.

I normally don’t go for pink, but I made an exception and ordered it. I was hosting a fundraising brunch and needed to find something to wear on the fly. It arrived just in time, and I’m honestly not sure what I would have worn if it hadn’t fit!

I was asked so many times where I found it, and the answer is Neiman’s. However, they sold out right after I purchased it.

You’re in luck though, because I was randomly searching online a couple of week’s ago and found it again! Be sure to grab yours before it sells out. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Since I’ve been feeling very springtime-y and in the mood for cheery colors, I paired it with a bright yellow clutch. I love color, even though some people swear I just wear black and white for some reason. I guess it just depends on my mood, and this particular day I was feeling very colorful. 🙂

It was freezing outside the day we shot this look, but hopefully you can’t tell. My sister/photographer was shivering in a jacket, while complaining about how cold it was. I was having to smile and bear it, while pretending I wasn’t in the least bit uncomfortable. It’s debatable whether I succeeded!

I went neutral with my shoes. I’ve had these Rockstuds for a couple of years, and they’re one of my favorite splurge items. Plus, I bought them while I was in Milan, so that was really special.

I hope you like this look as much as I do!

Have a great weekend!


Lisa Dawn



  1. Shawanna

    What a great color combo. Happy Birthday!