Happy Hump Day! Today is picture day at the new office, and I’m debating wearing this suit…or a black tuxedo suit. I’m in a serious dilemma because I’ll be stuck with this picture on the website for a long while, and I don’t know how I want to be presented for the next 10 years. LOL

So let’s talk about vintage for a minute…I’ve never worn vintage clothing before this purchase, unless we are going to count the hand me downs from sisters and cousins. I’ve been intrigued by the idea for a few years (after I got over the weirdness of wearing a stranger’s clothes), but I do not have the patience to browse through racks and racks of clothes looking for hidden treasures. As someone who does the majority of my shopping online and have limited time to shop in the first place, it’s not something that I find to be a productive use of my time – I’m all about convenience.

However, when I visited family in D.C. last November, I went to a fundraising event where The Working Beauty, a fellow lawyer turned purveyor of vintage attire, had set up her pop up shop. I had such a good time shopping with her and trying on all kinds of unique pieces, including this white tuxedo suit. I tried on clothes for about an hour…about as much patience as much family had for my adventure.

This suit immediately caught my eye and was the reason I even decided to look through the racks in the first place. It’s actually a three piece set with matching tuxedo pants. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the way any of the pictures of the pants turned out, so I’ll have to share them another time.

I’m fully on board the vintage train now that I’m going to be getting some much needed assistance from The Working Beauty. We had a phone consultation earlier this week where we discussed her curating a collection of vintage pieces for me on a quarterly basis so I’ll be ready with a few new vintage looks every season. I’m super excited!

I think one reason vintage clothing is kind of cool is because it already has a story. I wonder where this white suit has been…I know I’m about to take it on an adventure. 🙂

Hope you have an amazing rest of the week!


Lisa Dawn