What “no white after Labor Day” rule? Rules are meant to be broken! Besides, I’m all for breaking silly rules and wearing what looks and feels good. This Bailey 44 dress was burning a hole in my closet for a couple of months while I waited for the right opportunity to wear it. White dresses are a dime a dozen, so I’m always on the lookout for different takes on this closet staple.

The black faux leather sleeves on the dress shown here are edgy and allow the dress to stand a world apart from similar pieces! I also think the sleek, yet not skintight, fit is perfect and classy. And who doesn’t enjoy pairing black and white together? It’s simple in theory, but a classic combination.

I am in love with these peep toe booties! I resisted this style for quite some time…until I found this pair. The zippers embellishing the booties are my favorite detail. One zipper serves a functional purpose, and the other accompanies for purely aesthetic reasons – perfection.

My red Chanel Boy Bag added the perfect pop of color to my black and white ensemble. I’m enamored by all things Chanel, and this particular bag is a very special favorite because it was added it to my collection on my birthday while shopping at the Chanel boutique in Paris’ Golden Triangle. It was an experience and a birthday that I’ll never forget!

The gunmetal chain strap on the boy bag looks great with these J.Crew crystal pieces. I actually wore these sunburst earrings and matching bracelet on my wedding day! No need to add a necklace with these sparkling baubles. There’s something special about J.Crew crystals, and I love these bold creations. The way each stone catches and reflects the light is sure to garner attention.

It turned out that the perfect occasion that I unwittingly saved this dress for was the debut of Elaine Turner’s fall 2014 line at her City Centre location! It was incredible to meet her in person. Her warm and charming personality instantly made me feel so welcome and even more excited to throw my launch party at her store in October! Stay tuned for more details coming soon because I would love to see you there!

Love always,

Lisa Dawn



  1. Johannah Thompkins

    Can’t wait for the launch party. Love the dress!

  2. Taylor Hall

    Love the whole ensemble! This is def one of my top faves on the blog. The shoes and handbag are everything. I’m all for breaking the “no white after Labor Day” rule!

  3. LaNae Ashlee

    LOVE this look! Classic and chic at the same time! I’m with you, who cares about stupid rules!! well some 🙂

  4. Adrian

    I’m new to your blog and I’m loving it. Your style is amazing and inspiring, especially to a new fashion blogger like myself. I love that dress and those booties are fabulous. Loving your handbag as well. Looking forward to more posts

    • achiceffect

      Thanks, Adrian! I really enjoy hearing from fellow bloggers, especially since I am new to the game as well! What is the name of your blog, so I can be sure to follow?

  5. Bunmi

    I’m in love with our dress, shoes, hair, bag, skin & the list goes on. I personally love the pop of colour that the red bag adds to the look & I love the shoes (I’m thinking of adding something like that to my wardrobe). Thanks for sharing