There are some fashion “rules” that are meant to be broken, and the “Don’t Wear White after Labor Day” rule is one of them! I just decided awhile ago that the rule isn’t applicable, especially not in Texas where it’s always hot anyways. We NEED to wear white to reflect the sunlight…or something. 😉

If you can’t tell, I’m slightly obsessed with anything Valentino Rocketed related. Last year, I convinced one of my friends to let me buy these shoes from her because she was on the fence about keeping them. I LOVE them, and they’re definitely attention-grabbers. Whenever I wear them, people are always commenting on the unique color and want to know where I purchased them. Win!

I also love this shoulder bag that doubles as a cross-body. I was worried that it would be impractical, and to some people, that might be the case. It works perfectly for me though.

I carry a tote to work every day, so this purse just fits into my bag so nicely. Whenever I have a lunch or an event after work, I just grab my purse from the tote, and I’m ready to go!

Hope you guys have a fabulous week!