There is nothing quite like a white tuxedo jacket. I searched for quite some time before I found the perfect one (with some help from a very stylish friend). I added this piece to my wardrobe this spring, and I knew right away that it would be a staple in my wardrobe throughout the summer months. I am definitely a fan of everything white in the summer, especially in the Houston heat. This well-tailored beauty easily transitions from work to happy hours, and it’s so easy to dress it up or down!

I love black and white pairings. It’s such a simple color palette, but it looks so sophisticated when you pair the right pieces together. I’ve had this skirt for a couple of years now, and it was pushed to a corner of my closet collecting dust. When I was searching for a piece to pair the jacket with for work, I stumbled across the skirt again and was pleased to have something new to style it with. I love how the white really brings out the shades of black and gray in the skirt.

I’m a sucker for pearls, and I love wearing my grandmother’s strand. Since it is so delicate, I usually only wear the strand on special occasions, so I’m always on the lookout for everyday pearls, especially re-imagined strands. I kept an eye on these beauties for a couple of months and pounced on them as soon as they went on sale. They are a couple of years old now, but you can always count on J.Crew to have lovely pearl jewelry. The gold links in between each pearl and the multiple strands have always garnered attention. With such an interesting necklace, I kept it simple with the earrings, so the pearls remained the focal point.


For my quick transition to a casual, work related happy hour, I threw a pair of jeans in my tote, along with some gold jewelry.  It was easy enough to switch out my skirt and jewelry, add my bag, and go straight from work to the event. I am a huge fan of dressing up jeans with a blazer, and the tuxedo jacket and heels kept my look polished and pulled together for the office crowd, while I remained comfortable in my go-to pair of skinny jeans. My love of heels dictated that I transition them to my night look. Keep in mind that I am not on my feet all day and am normally able to kick my shoes off under my desk.  If you need to get rid of your heels ASAP, a pair of cute flats would have worked just as nicely with this look!

Hope you enjoy!

Dream Big. Stay Chic. Be Unrealistic.

Lisa Dawn